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    Brooke Herron

    I do not see where we can send these emails from in the Arrivedo system. I only see writer's admin and profile, then there is Slack and then I have the Help section. I assume these emails need to be sent from the Arrivedo system (and not from our personal email addresses) but I cannot figure this part out. 


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    Jeremy Stevens

    I'm sure someone has already contacted you but if not, there is no Arrivedo email system. I'd recommend making a gmail account with your name dot biz (example: janedoe.biz@gmail.com). Someone correct me if I'm wrong about this.

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    Brooke Herron

    Jeremy-actually no one answered my question. Slack doesn't seem to be a great way to ask a question about Arrivedo things and get a timely answer. 

    Obviously I have my own business email addresses but since Arrivedo asks us to send these emails saying we are Arrivedo writers I assumed this must be done through an Arrivedo system-so that it appears more professional and like it is coming from Arrivedo. 

    thanks for letting me know!



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    I love these samples to use. Question though, I don’t have any previous work to show
    Them on my page here. Should I send the link that was provided above until i am able to land a job and create some?

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